May 9 2014

The 5 Benefits of Kneeling Chairs

Green SeatKneeling ergonomic posture chairs are here for a reason. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can be dangerous for the body. This can do damage to the spinal cord since this is a very sensitive part. This can predispose one to a wide range of disorders. These problems are eliminated through the knee posture chair and also provides one with the following benefits:

Kneeling Chair Benefits

Benefit #1: Improves posture

This is the most important benefit that one can have when using this. Unlike other traditional ones, it does not position the body in angles that will disrupt the normal angle of the spinal cord. Therefore, this facilitates proper alignment of the spinal cord leading to improved body posture.

Benefit #2: Less stress and strain of back muscles

Since, the body is properly aligned, there is less strain and stress to the muscles of the back compared to traditional ones. The muscles has less expenditure from energy to maintain the sitting position when using this.  You can learn more about the causes of back pain here.

Benefit #3: No pain from sitting

In traditional chairs, pain can be felt when sitting for long periods of time. This is because weight is being placed on the tailbone when sitting. Also, there is strain to the muscles of the thighs. Using this one can help eliminate those problems because it puts less weight and strain to those two areas.

girl on chairBenefit #4: Easy to use

This does not have those levers and knobs that traditional ones have. The levers and knobs sometimes make using it difficult and time consuming. Its a simple way to fix your back pain.

Benefit #5: Hassle free

Knobs and levers often gets jammed after some time and this is a very big hassle. This is not good especially when it happens in the office. Deadlines are always being met there and having an unusable chair is that last thing that one needs to think about. Eliminating those parts make the kneeling chair the best alternative there is.

Nov 22 2013

What Is The Hype About Yoga Ball Chairs?

woman working outAs you may have noticed, there’s been a big hype about the benefits of yoga ball chairs in the officeplace.  What is it? It is an exercise equipment, a cross between an exercise ball and a stool. It is a fitness ball that can also be used as a primary seating device.

In recent times, these chairs have gained popularity. Several work places have begun to introduce these highly regarded furniture pieces for office use instead of regular work chairs.

Advantages of yoga ball chairs

  1. Improved Posture – Balancing on top of a ball enables an individual to sit with their spine in a perfect vertical alignment. This trains the individual’s body to sit in perfect postures even when they are not using the chair.
  2. Exercise – Siting in perfect postures is a form of exercise that helps strengthen the muscles of the back and stomach. It provides work-out for your core muscles with little or no effort. Daily use of these muscles ensures a stronger back and prevents future injuries.
  3. Cost – These are very affordable. They are actually cheaper than most office furniture. This makes exchanging them for office chairs a cost-effective venture.
  4. Fun Work Atmosphere – The use of ball chairs in a work place gives the work place a cheery appearance. The colorful nature of these pieces make the work environment of the company in question appear different from what is generally obtainable.

Possible drawbacks

  1. Improper Height – Most offerings do not position the user at a height suitable for the use of keyboards on standard desks. This can lead to strain on the shoulder muscles.
  2. Unprofessional Appearance – While ball chairs might be okay for use in certain work environments, using them in places such as banks may make the workers seem unprofessional and unserious. It is difficult to take your bank account officer seriously if he is attending to you while trying to balance himself on a giant sphere.

Knowing all these, it is left for you to decide if all the hype  is justified or not. It is recommended to use yoga ball chairs in combination with other comfortable chairs.

Nov 19 2013

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